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Useful reading
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Dr Wood recommends the following books to readers wishing to find out more about the history of Zimbabwe and Rhodesia.

Rhodesia: Political

Astrow, Andre, Zimbabwe: A Revolution That Lost Its Way, Zed Press, London, 1983
Berlyn, Phillippa, THE QUIET MAN: A Biography of the Hon. Ian Douglas Smith, I.D., Prime Minister of Rhodesia, M. O. Collins, Salisbury, 1978
Blair, David, Degrees in Violence: Robert Mugabe and the Struggle for Power in Zimbabwe, Continuum, London, 2002
Blake, Robert, A History of Rhodesia, Eyre Methuen Ltd, London, 1977
Bower, Tom, Tiny Rowland: A Rebel Tycoon, Heinemann, London, 1993
Bowman, Larry, Politics in Rhodesia: White Power in an African State, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1973
Brzezinski, Zbigniev, Power and Principle: Memoirs of the National Security Adviser 1977-1981, Farrar, Straus, Giroux, New York, 1983
Butler, R.A., The Art of the Possible: The Memoirs of Lord Butler, Penguin, Harmondsworth, 1971
Callaghan, James, Time & Change, Collins, London, 1987
Carrrington, Lord, Reflect on Things Past: The Memoirs of Lord Carrington, Fontana, London, 1989
Cary, Robert, & Mitchell, Diana, African Nationalist Leaders in Rhodesia Who's Who, Books of Rhodesia, Bulawayo, 1977
Caute, David, Under the Skin: The Death of White Rhodesia, Allen Lane, London, 1983
Chan, Steven, The Commonwealth Observer Group in Zimbabwe, Mambo Press, Gweru, 1985
Chanock, Martin, Unconsummated Union: Britain, Rhodesia and South Africa: 1900-1945, Manchester University Press, Manchester, 1977
Chater, Patricia, Caught in the Crossfire, Zimbabwe Publishing House, Harare, 1985
Clingman, Paul, The Moon Can Wait: A Biography of the Hon. A.E. Abrahamson, Penguin, London, 2004
Dale, Richard, Botswana’s Search for Autonomy in Southern Africa, Greenwood Press, Westport, 1995
Davidow, Jeffrey, A Peace in Southern Africa: The Lancaster House Conference on Rhodesia, 1979, Westview Press, Boulder & London, 1984
Dupont, Clifford, The Reluctant President: The Memoirs of The Hon. Clifford Dupont, GCLM.,ID: Men of Out Time, Volume Two, Books of Rhodesia, Bulawayo, 1978
Eaton, W.G., A Chronicle of Modern Sunlight: The story of what happened to Rhodesians, InnoVision, Rohnert Park, 1996
Foot, Paul, The Politics of Harold Wilson, Penguin, Hammondsworth, 1968
Frederikse, Julie, None But Ourselves: Masses vs Media in the Making of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Publishing House, Harare, 1982
Gale, W.D., Rhodesia: 1890-1970: Eighty Years Onwards, H.C.P. Anderson, Salisbury, 1970
Gann, L.H. & Gelfand, M., Huggins of Rhodesia: The Man and his Country, George Allen & Unwin, London, 1964
Gelfand, Michael & Ritchken, Joseph, The Rt. Hon. Godfrey Martin Huggins, First Viscount Malvern of Rhodesia and Bexley: His Life and Work, Central African Journal of Medicine, Salisbury, Undated
Godwin, Peter, Mukiwa: A White Boy in Africa, Picador, London, 1996
Godwin, Peter, & Hancock, Ian, ‘Rhodesians Never Die’: The Impact of War and Political Change on White Rhodesia, c. 1970-1980, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1993
Goldin, The Honourable Bennie, QC, The Judge, the Prince and the Usurper, Vantage Press, New York, 1990
Good, Robert C., U.D.I.: The International Politics of the Rhodesian Rebellion, Faber & Faber, London, 1973
Graham, Gordon, ed., All Our Yesterdays: 1890-1970, Illustrated Life Rhodesia, Graham Publishing, Salisbury, 1978
Hancock, I.R., White Liberals, Moderates and Radicals in Rhodesia 1953-1980, Crome Helm, Beckenham, 1984
Hargrave, J.F., Papers of The Rt. Hon. Sir Roy Welensky KCMG: 1907-1991, In Rhodes House Library, Oxford, A Catalogue, 2 Vols, Bodleian Library, Oxford, 1995
Henderson, Nicholas, Mandarin: The Diaries of Nicholas Henderson, Weidenfeld & Nicholson, London, 1995
Hills, Denis, The Last Days of White Rhodesia, Chatto & Windus, London, 1981
Hirsch, Morris I., A Decade of Crisis: Ten Years of Rhodesian Front Rule, Peter Dearlove, Salisbury, 1973
Holderness, Hardwicke, Lost Chance: Southern Rhodesia: 1945-58, Zimbabwe Publishing House, Harare, 1985
Holleman, J.F., Chief, Council and Commissioner, Oxford University Press, London, 1969
Howland, Nina Davis (editor), Foreign Relations of the United States, 1964-1968, United States Government Printing Office, Washington, 1999
Hudson, Miles, Triumph Or Tragedy?: Rhodesia to Zimbabwe, Hamish Hamilton, London, 1983
Hunter, Glyn, Farren, Larry & Farran, Althea, Voices of Zimbabwe: the Pain: the Courage: the Hope, Alfa (Pvt) Ltd, Covos Day, Weltevredenpark, 2001
Hutchinson, John, 'Failure by Pharisee: The Rhodesian Constitutional Talks of 1974’, Lincoln Review: A Quarterly Journal, The Lincoln I, Washington, Summer 1983
Hutson, Major-General H.P.W., Rhodesia Ending an Era, Springwood Books, London, 1978
Jardim, Jorge, Sanctions Double-Cross: Oil to Rhodesia, Books of Rhodesia, Bulawayo, 1979
Jordan, J.D., Local Government in Zimbabwe, Mambo Press, Gweru, 1984
Joyce, Peter, Anatomy of a Rebel: Smith of Rhodesia: a Biography, Graham Publishing, Salisbury, 1974
Kapungu, Lawrence, Rhodesia:The Struggle for Freedom, Orbis Books, New York, 1974
Kissinger, Henry, Observations: Selected Speeches and Essays 1982-1984, Michael Joseph & Weidenfeld & Nicholson, London, 1985
Kuyper, Pieter Jan, The Implementation of International Sanctions: The Netherlands and Rhodesia, T.M.C. Asser Institute, The Hague, 1978
Lake, Anthony, The “Tar Baby” Option: American Policy toward Southern Rhodesia, Columbia University Press, New York, 1973
Lapsley, Michael, Neutrality or Co-Option: Anglican Church and State from 1964 until the Independence of Zimbabwe, Mambo Press, Gweru, 1986
Legum, Colin, Africa Contemporary Record, Annual Survey and Documents, Rex Collings, London, Undated
Macmillan, Harold, At the End of the Day, Macmillan, London, 1973
Marshall, Charles Burton, Crisis over Rhodesia, Washington Center of Foreign Policy Research, Scho, Baltimore, 1967
Martin, David & Johnson, Phyllis, The Chitepo Assassination, Zimbabwe Publishing House, Harare, 1985
Meadows, Keith, Sometimes When It Rains, Thorntree Press, Bulawayo, 2000
Megahey, Alan, Humphrey Gibbs: Beleaguered Governor: Southern Rhodesia, 1929-1969, Macmillan Press Ltd, London, 1998
Meredith, Martin, The Past is Another Country: Rhodesia UDI to Zimbabwe, Pan Books Ltd, London, 1980
Metrowich, F.R, Rhodesia: Birth of a Nation, Africa Institute, Pretoria, 1969
Mitchell, Diana, Who’s Who: Nationalist Leaders in Zimbabwe, Diana Mitchell, Causeway, 1980
Moorcraft, Paul L., A Short Thousand Years: The end of the Rhodesian rebellion, Galaxie Press, Salisbury, 1980
Mtshali, B. Vundindlela, Rhodesia: Background to Conflict, Hawthorn Books, New York, 1967
Mugabe, Robert, 1980 – The Year of the People’s Power, ZANU Central Committee, Maputo, 1979
Mugabe, Robert, Ignore the April Bogus Elections, Zimbabwe African National Union – ZANU, Maputo, 1980
Munnion, Chris, Banana Sunday: Datelines from Africa, William Waterman Publications, Rivonia, 1993
Murphy, Ian & Wannenburgh, Alf, Rhodesian Legacy, C Struik Publishers, Cape Town, 1978
Murphy, Philip, Alan Lennox-Boyd: a biography, I.B. Tauris, London, 1999
Murray, D.G., The Governmental System in Southern Rhodesia, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1970
Mutasa, Didymus, Black Behind Bars, Longman Zimbabwe, Harare, 1983
Muzorewa, Bishop Abel, ‘Outlook for Rhodesia/Zimbabwe’, in International Affairs Bulletin, Volume 2, No. 2, Johannesburg, 1978
Muzorewa, Bishop Abel, Rise up and Walk, Sphere Books, London, 1978
Nehwati, Franci, 'The Social and Communal Background to "Zhii" The African Riots in Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia in 1960,, African Affairs, No 69, London, July 1970
Niesewand, Peter, In Camera - Secret Justice in Rhodesia, Weidenfeld & Nicholson, London, 1973
Nkala, Jericho C., The United Nations, International Law, and the Rhodesian Crisis, Clarendon Press, Marshalltown, 1982
Nkomo, Joshua, Nkomo: The Story of My Life, Methuen, London, 1984
Nyagumbo, Maurice, Some of us must remain to be with the People even if it means to be in jail with them, The Graham Publishing Company, Salisbury, 1980
Owen, David, Human Rights, Jonathan Cape, London, 1978
Parker, John, Rhodesia: Little White Island, Pitman Publishing, London, 1972
Paver, B.G., His Own Oppressor, Peter Davies, London, 1958
Peck, A.J.A., Rhodesia Accuses, Three Sisters Books, Salisbury, 1966
Phimister, Ian, An Economic and Social History of Zimbabwe: 1890-1948: Capital Accumulation Class Struggle, Longman, London, 1988
Pimlot, Ben, Harold Wilson, HarperCollins, London, 1992
Randolph, R.H., Dawn in Zimbabwe, Mambo Press, Gweru, 1985
Reed, Douglas, The Battle for Rhodesia, Haum, Cape Town, 1966
Renwick, Robin, Unconventional Diplomacy in Southern Africa, Macmillan Press Ltd, London, 1997
Rodney, Walter, How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, Zimbabwe Publishing House, Harare, 1983
Roth, Andrew, Heath and the Heathmen, Routledge & Kegan Paul, London, 1972
Samkange, Stanlake, On Trial for My Country, Heinemann, London, 1966
Scott, David, Ambassador in Black and White: Thirty Years of Changing Africa, Weidenfeld & Nicholson, London, 1981
Shamuyarira, Nathan M., Crisis in Rhodesia, Transatalantic Arts, New York, 1965
Sithole, Masipula, Zimbabwe: Struggles within the Struggle, Rujeko, Salisbury, 1979
Sithole, Ndabaningi, African Nationalism, Oxford University Press, Cape Town, 1962
Sithole, Ndabaningi, In Defence of the Rhodesian Constitutional Agreement: A Power Promise, Graham Publishing, Salisbury, 1978
Sithole, Ndabaningi, ‘The Rhodesian Internal Settlement and Prospects for Peace’, in International Affairs Bulletin, Volume 2, No. 2, Johannesburg, 1978
Skeen, Brigadier Andrew, Prelude to Independence: Skeen's 115 Days, Nasionale Boekhandle, Pretoria, 1966
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Smith, David & Simpson, Colin, with Ian Davies, Mugabe, Pioneer Head, Salisbury, 1981
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Smith, Ian, The Great Betrayal: The Memoirs of Ian Douglas Smith, Blake Publishing, London, 1997
Smith, Ivan, Come Break a Spear, Black Eagle Press, Bulawayo, 1980
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