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Useful reading
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Dr Wood recommends the following books to readers wishing to find out more about the history of Zimbabwe and Rhodesia.

Military: Armed Forces, Bush War etc.

Abbott, Peter & Botham, Philip, Modern African Wars (1): Rhodesia: 1965-80, Osprey Publishing, London, 1986
Anon, Blue and Old Gold: A Selection of Stories for The Outpost: the Regimental Magazine of the British South Africa Police, The Citadel Press, Cape Town, 1955
Arniel, A.J., Badges and Insignia of the Rhodesian Security Forces: 1890-1980, Alec Kaplan & Son, Germiston, 1987
Bhebe, N. & Ranger, T., eds, Society in Zimbabwe’s Liberation War, University of Zimbabwe Publications, Harare, 1995
Bhebe, N. & Ranger, T., eds, Soldiers in Zimbabwe’s Liberation War, University of Zimbabwe Publications, Harare, 1995
Blevin, Don, Strange Beasts: The Evolution and Use of Rhodesian Mine and Ambush Protected Vehicles: 1965 - 1980, private publication, Private Publication, 1990
Bond, Geoffrey, The Incredibles: The story of The 1st Battalion, The Rhodesian Light Infantry, Sarum Imprint, Salisbury, 1977
Brent, W.A., Rhodesian Air Force: A Brief History: 1947-1980, Freeworld Publications, Kwambonambi, 1987
Brent, Winston, Rhodesian Air Force: The Sanctions Busters: Winston Brent, African Aviation Series,, Freeworld Publications, Nelspruit, 2001
Brooks, Pat (ed), A Martyr Speaks: Journal of the Late John Alan Coey, New Puritan Library, USA, 1988
Cann, Dr John P., Memories of Portugal’s African Wars, 1961-1974, Proceedings of a Conference, King’s College, London, 10 June 1997
Cocks, Chris, Fireforce, Covos Books, Roodepoort, 1997
Cocks, Chris, Survival Course, Covos Books, Roodepoort, 1999
Cole, Barbara, The Elite: The Rhodesian Special Air Service: Pictorial, Three Knights Publishing, Amanzimtoti, 1986
Cole, Barbara, The Elite: The Story of the Rhodesian Special Air Service, Three Knights Publishing, Amanzimtoti, 1984
Connor, Ken, Ghost Force: The Secret History of the SAS, Weidenfeld & Nicholson, London, 1998
Cowderoy, Dudley & Nesbit, Roy, with Andrew Thomas, Britain's Rebel Air Force: The War from the Air in Rhodesia: 1965-1980, Grub Street, London, 1998
Cowderoy, Dudley, & Nesbit, Roy, War in the Air: Rhodesian Air Force: 1935-1980, Galago Publishing, Alberton, 1987
Crabtree, Bill, Came the Fourth Flag or Domboshawa, Scotforth Books, Lancaster, 2002
Craven, David, Mapolisa: Some Reminiscences of a Rhodesian Policeman, Covos Books, Roodepoort, 1998
Ellert, H., The Rhodesian Front War: Counter-Insurgency and Guerrilla Warfare: 1961-1980, Mambo Press, Gweru, 1989
Evans, M., ‘Fighting Against Chimurenga: An Analysis of Counter-Insurgency in Rhodesia: 1972-9’, in R.S. Roberts, ed: The Historical Association of Zimbabwe, Local Series, 37, University of Zimbabwe, Salisbury, 1981
Flower, Ken, Serving Secretly: Rhodesia’s CIO Chief on Record, Alberton, Galago, 1987
Fuller, Alexandra, Scribbling the Cat: Travels with an African soldier, Picador Africa, Johannesburg, 2004
Gann, Lewis H. & Henriksen, Thomas, The Struggle for Zimbabwe: Battle in the Bush, Praeger, New York, 1981
Geldenhuys, Preller, Nickel Cross, private publication, Estcour, 2001
Geraghty, Ton, Who Dares Wins: The Story of the SAS: 1950-1980, Fontana, London, 1980
Gibbs, Peter, & Phillips, Hugh, The History of the British South Africa Police: 1889-1980, Something of Value, North Ringwood, Australia, 2000
Gledhill, Dick, One Commando: Rhodesia’s Last Years & The Guerilla War It Never Lost, RLI Publishing, Castletown, 1996
Grundy, Trevor & Miller, Bernard, Farmer at War, Modern Farming Publications, Salisbury, 1979
Hale, Joe, Red Zambezi, J & T Publishing, Santa Paula, 1989
Heitman, Helmoed-Römer, South African Arms & Armour, Struik Publishers, Cape Town, 1989
Hill, Geoff, The Battle for Zimbabwe: The Final Countdown, Zebra Press, Cape Town, 2003
Hoe, Alan & Morris, Eric, Re-enter the SAS: The Special Air Service and the Malayan Emergency, Leo Cooper, London, 1994
Hoffman, Bruce, Taw, Jennifer M. & Arnold, David, Lessons for Contemporary Counterinsurgencies, RAND, Santa Monica, 1991
Lan, David, Guns & Rain: Guerrillas & Spirit Mediums in Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Publishing House, Harare, 1985
Locke, Peter G. & Cooke, Peter D.F., Fighting Weapons of Rhodesia 1965-80, P&P Publishing, Wellington, 1995
Lotter, Chas, Rhodesian Soldier and others who fought, Galago, Alberton, 1984
Lotter, Chas, Echoes of an African War, Covos Day, Weltevreden Park, 1999
Lovett, John, Contact: Rhodesia at War, Galaxie Press, Salisbury, 1977
MacBruce, James, When the Going was Rough: a Rhodesian story, Femina, Pretoria, 1983
MacDonald, J.F., The War History of Southern Rhodesia: 1939-1945, Vols 1 & 2, Rhodesiana Reprint Library, Books of Rhodesia, Bulawayo, 1976
MacKenzie, Robert, 'Fast Strike at Chimoio', Soldier of Fortune, , January 1994
Martin, David & Johnson, Phyllis, The Struggle for Zimbabwe: The Chimurenga War, Zimbabwe Publishing House, Harare, 1981
McAleese, Peter & Avery, John, McAleese’s Fighting Manual: The Definitive Soldier’s Handbook, Orion, London, 1998
McAleese, Peter, with Bles, Mark, No Mean Soldier: The Story of the Ultimate Professional Soldier in the SAS and Other Forces, Orion, London, 1993
Moorcraft,Paul L., Contact II, Sygma, Johannesbur, 1981
Moorcraft,Paul L. & McLaughlin, Peter, Chimurenga! The War in Rhodesia 1965-1980, Sygma/Collins, Marshalltown, 1982
Moore, David Brent, The Contradictory Construction of Hegemony in Zimbabwe: Politics, Ideology, and Class in the Formation of a New African State, Ph D. thesis, York University, North York, Ontario, 1990
Moore-King, Bruce, White Man Black War, Baobab Books, Harare, 1988
Morris, Michael, Armed Conflict in Southern Africa, Spence, South Africa, 1974
Mugabe, Robert, Our War of Liberation, Mambo Press, Gweru, 1983
Munro, Gordon & Jaarback, Henton, Bush Telegraph, A.H.G. Munro, Randpark Ridge, 2002
Owen, Christopher, The Rhodesian African Rifles, Leo Cooper, London, 1970
Petter-Bowyer, P.J.H., Winds of Destruction: The autobiography of a Rhodesian born pilot covering the Rhodesian bush war of 1967-1980, Trafford, Victoria, 2004
Raeburn, Michael, Black Fire: Accounts of the guerrilla war in Zimbabwe, Mambo Press, Gwelo, 1981
Ranger, Terence, Peasant Consciousness and Guerrilla War in Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Publishing House, Harare, 1985
Reid-Daly, Lt-Col R.F., Selous Scouts: Top Secret War, Galago, Alberton, 1982
Reid-Daly, Lt-Col R.F., Pamwe Chete: The Legend of the Selous Scouts, Covos-Day Books, Weltevreden Park, 1999
Reid-Daly, Lt-Col, R.F., Staying Alive, Ashanti Publishing, Gibraltar, 1990
Rogers, Anthony, Someone Else's War: Mercenaries from 1960 to the Present, HarperCollins Publishers, London, 1998
Salt, Beryl, A Pride of Eagles: The Definitive History of the Rhodesian Air Force: 1920-1980, Covos Day Books, Weltevredenpark, 2001
Scott-Donelan, David, Tactical Tracking Operations: The Essential Guide for Military and Police Trackers, Paladin Press, Boulder, 1998
Shay, Reg, & Vermaak, Chris, The Silent War: The Fight for Southern Africa, Galaxie Press, Salisbury, 1971
Stiff, Peter, See You in November, Galago, Alberton, 1985
Stiff, Peter, Selous Scouts: Rhodesian War – A Pictorial Account, Galago, Alberton, 1984
Stiff, Peter, Taming the Landmine, Galago, Alberton, 1986
Stiff, Peter, The Silent War: South African Recce Operations: 1964-1994, Galago, Alberton, 1999
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Wood, J.R.T, The War Diaries of André Dennison, Ashanti Publishing, Gibraltar, 1989
Wood, Richard [J.R.T., ‘Counter-Punching on the Mudzi: D Company, 1st Rhodesian African Rifles on Operation 'Mardon' 1 November 1976’, in Small Wars and Insurgencies, Vol. 9, No, 2, Frank Cass, London, Autumn 1998
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