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Useful reading/Bibliography
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Dr Wood recommends the following books to readers wishing to find out more about the history of Zimbabwe and Rhodesia.

Government Publications

AB 54, 1969, Land Tenure: Bill, Government Printer, Salisbury, 1969
Cmd R.ZR 3-1980, Report of the Constitutional Conference: Lancaster House: London: September-December 1979, Government Printer, Salisbury, 1980
Cmd RR. 46-1971, Anglo-Rhodesian Relations: Proposals for a Settlement: Presented to Parliament by the Prime Minister on 25 November, 1971, Government Printer, Salisbury, 1971
Cmd RR. 6-1976, Report of the Commission of Inquiry into Racial Discrimination: 1976, Government Printer, Salisbury, 1976
Cmnd 1148, Report of the Advisory Commission on the Review of the Constitution of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, HMSO, London, October 1960
Cmnd 1150, Advisory Commission on the Review of the Constitution of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland: Report Appendix VII: Possible Constitutional Changes, HMSO, London, October 1960
Cmnd 4964, Rhodesia: Report of the Commission on Rhodesian Opinion under the Chairmanship of the Right Honourable the Lord Pearce, HMSO, London, 1965
Cmnd 6919, Rhodesia: Proposals for a Settlement, HMSO, London, 1977
Cmnd 814, Report of the Nyasaland Commission of Inquiry, HMSO, London, July 1959
CSR 23, Correspondence between Her Majesty's Government of the United Kingdom and Her Majesty's Government of Southern Rhodesia, presented to the Legislative Assembly for Southern Rhodesia, Government Printer, Salisbury, June 1963
CSR 27-1959, Southern Rhodesia Review Tribunal (Preventive Detention (Temporary Provisions) Act 1959): General Report, Government Printer, Salisbury, 6 May 1959
CSR 32-1969, Proposals for a New Constitution for Rhodesia, Government Printer, Salisbury, 1969
Rhodesia, Proposals for a New Constitution, Government Printer, Salisbury, 1969
Rhodesia, Report of the Constitutional Commission 1968, Government Printer, Salisbury, 1968
Rhodesian Ministry of Information, Judgment [A judgment concerning the necessity or expediency of continuing the detention of the Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole who was the subject of a detention or issued on the 3rd day of March, 1975.]:, Ministry of Information, Immigration and Tourism, Causeway, Rhodesia, April 1975
Rhodesian Ministry of Information, The Pearce Commission Report: Broadcast Statement by the Prime Minister, the Hon. I.D. Smith and a Statement by the Rhodesian Government: 23rd May 1972, Government Printer, Salisbury, 1972
Southern Rhodesia Government, Report on the Zimbabwe African Peoples Union, Government Printer, Salisbury, September 1962
Southern Rhodesia Information Service, Our Fight against Hooliganism and Thuggery, Government Printer, Salisbury, 1962